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The recovered wood market is broadly broken down into four categories.

  • Grade A: “Clean” recycled wood – material produced from pallets and secondary manufacture etc and suitable for producing animal bedding and mulches.
  • Grade B: Industrial feedstock grade – including grade A material plus construction and demolition waste, this is suitable for making panelboard.
  • Grade C: Fuel grade – this is made from all of the above material plus that from municipal collections and civic amenity sites and can be used for biomass fuel.
  • Grade D: Hazardous waste – This includes all grades of wood including treated material such as fencing and trackwork and requires disposal at special facilities.

The recovered wood market has historically had very limited legislative drivers to stimulate collection and it has only been the market dynamic of the Grade A demand and the blunt instrument of landfill tax that has generated a basic recovery rate. Typically we can accept grade A, B, and C and are able to source outlets for grade D.

This is further underpinned by the range of types and uses the wood waste is collected from.

CSD customer commitment:

We pride ourselves on being able to provide short and long-term contracts at competitive prices.

As a customer of CSD you will be provided with:

  • A full audit trail of your waste from site to end destination
  • Dates and times of all loads received from your company
  • Tailored reports – monthly/quarterly/yearly – to meet your requirements
  • A list of acceptable materials we can receive from you
  • A dedicated account manager

CSD approach to cost:

The cost of recycling your waste with CSD will depend upon the quality of the materials received.

The price will be based on the lowest grade of waste in the mix, therefore segregating materials in mixed loads before they arrive on site will prove the most cost effective.

Whatever your requirement, we can offer a flexible and made-to- measure answer that will suit your needs in terms of quantity, collection method and frequency of collection.

Discounts may be available for large tonnages, such as those from civic amenity sites and local authorities. Our commercial team will be more than willing to discuss that with you.

But whatever the price, recycling your waste with us is not only a greener option than sending it to landfill, it’s also a cost effective one.